Sarah Golden and Jackie Larson are both living in the San Francisco Bay area. Jackie is married to Laura Gallagher, the Assistant Medical Examiner in San Francisco. Sarah is happily single and working as a traveling transplant nurse in Miami. While in Miami Sarah has the misfortune of caring for Amanda Stein, the female version of Steve Jobs, who flew to Miami to get a liver transplant.

Jackie is a stay-at-home mom for their two boys and finds herself pleasantly distracted helping Sarah track Amanda Stein and her boy toy – Sergio Torres. Sarah is learning Spanish so she can date Latino comedians while Jackie has all she can do to not tell the suburban soccer moms to go screw themselves. Sarah and Jackie’s escapades take them on an adventure with the rich, famous, and Cuban gangs in Miami, searching for the reason a white, wealthy, socialite received a liver from a Cuban gang member.

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“I loved this book. CUT is a real page turner. It is a witty mystery involving Silicon Valley wealth, power and equality in the world of organ transplantation. A must read.”

Louann Brizendine, M.D.
Author of The Female Brain and The Male Brain

“A terrific read. True to life in terms of the medical descriptions. Fortunately the theme is pure fantasy but great entertainment.”

Dr. Nancy Ascher
Professor of Surgery, UCSF

“Amy Peele has created a world of vivid, feisty characters! Cut is a sexy mystery that throttles to it’s climax and offers readers a fascinating look into the world of transplant medicine. A great ride!”

Sara Connell
Author of Bringing in Finn

“A patient awaiting organ transplantation faces death if an organ isn’t available in time. Ms. Peele’s plot of her exciting novel is based upon a nefarious approach by a desperate patient to get an organ. While enjoying the ride, the reader should keep in mind how desperate the real world situation is for these patients in need.” 

John Paul Roberts
Professor of Surgery
University of California San Francisco

“Amy Peele combines her vast medical knowledge with a love of writing to create something new: a murder mystery with a purpose. The diabolical characters will keep you guessing, and the message about the importance of organ donation may save lives.”

Debra Engle
Best-selling author of The Only Little Prayer You Need

“CUT is the kind of murder mystery that can be eaten like candy. A little suspense, a little humor, a little romance, and a double scoop of friendship between the two sassy main characters. I will not be the only reader who wants to hang out in a neighborhood bar with Sarah Golden and Jackie Larsen. Set in the world of organ transplant, the author gives us just enough detail about that world to tell the story, gain some empathy for donors and recipients, and make us want to hug our healthy loved ones extra tight out of gratitude. A fun read and a great escape.

Betsy Graziani Fasbinder
Author of Fire & Water

“With CUT, Amy Peele has entered the medical mystery arena with a home run. When a couple of amateur sleuths delve into the world of organ transplantation, the result is a breath-taking race against time to ensure the integrity of the national system. Travel with these two daring ladies as they seek justice in a gripping nonstop ride that you can’t put down. A realistic medical thriller!”

Mark Aeder, MD
Transplant Surgeon
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
Cleveland, Ohio

“I’ve never had so much fun reading a book about transplant. Amy Peele clearly knows the field of organ donation and uses her insights for good in a page-turning adventure.”

Greg Segal
Co-Founder, ORGANIZE

“Riveting, humorous, and tense, CUT is a must-read thriller. Hold on to your seat, silence your phone, ignore the door. You’ve got some reading to do.”
Guy Biederman
Creative writing teacher
Author of The Strange & Wonderful Club, House Samurai, and Parts & Labor

“CUT is a suspenseful mystery whose story is an engaging way to shed light on the enormously challenging and complicated system of organ donation and distribution in our country.”  
Susan Hildreth
Former Director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services
Currently Professor of Practice, University of Washington Information School  


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