cut-book-cover-1While the federal government is launching a national investigation on the “equity” of organ donation, a female tech CEO flies across the country to get a liver transplant. Soon, well-respected transplant nurse Sarah Golden and her sassy best friend, Jackie Larsen, find themselves tangled up in an intense plot to uncover the answer to the question on everyone’s mind: Can you buy your way up to the top of the transplant waiting list?

Sarah and Jackie’s pursuit of justice sends them on a sometimes fun, sometimes dangerous adventure to Miami, San Francisco, and Chicago—a roller coaster ride from which they barely escape with their lives.

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“CUT follows an absorbing tale, through realistic and medically accurate transplant procedures, down a path of mystery, intrigue, and danger, from medical rounds to organ procurement organizations to surgical operating rooms; from San Francisco, to Miami, to Chicago. And what otherwise seemed to be a coincidence, turns out to be a murderous conspiracy. A page turner to the end!”
Kenneth Moritsugu, MD, MPH, FACPM
Former Surgeon General of the United States
First International Transplantation Ambassador

“CUT is a wonderfully suspenseful read! Peele expertly infuses the unfolding mystery with the perfect amount of romance, all the while leading us through the fascinating world of organ donation. Crisp, fun prose peppered with witty dialogue and well-drawn characters leaves one hoping there will be a sequel!”


Michelle Cox
Award Winning Author of the Henrietta and Inspector Howard series


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